This site is about the period of history referred to in the Christian Bible as ‘the end times’.  At the time of writing it is August 2020 and many of the events told us in the Bible that are signs of the end are now upon us. With medical martial law now possible in my little country of Aotearoa (New Zealand) it is time to warn folk to get into the Ark of God before the worst comes upon us.

I describe here my own personal journey of faith in the hope it may inspire others.

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Background Info

2UntitledAt the time that I became a Christian, a local evangelist appeared on the scene in my country of Aotearoa (New Zealand) who preached specifically on the end time events outlined in Matthew, Revelation and the book of Daniel. His name was Barry Smith who as a very young man had given his life to Christ after losing a close friend in the 1953 Tangiwai train disaster in NZ.  During the ’70s God called him to leave his full time teaching job and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and warn about the end times. From his own research he had discovered the secret plan many years in the making, for a one world government. He traveled the length and breadth of NZ towing a caravan with his wife and four young children. He was an investigative journalist in his own right and researched both events and histories about which he wrote and shared extensively, in an era where there was no internet. This was no problem as he frequently cites incidents where he ‘happened’ to be seated next to somebody of international importance with key information … often on flights, or on roadsides assisting folk who’d broken down. He also collected news clippings from all over the world, many whilst traveling and many sent to him by listeners.  In week long crusades he preached the Gospel of repentance and salvation as well as the Biblical prophetic events described particularly in the books of Daniel and Revelation, events unfolding now with the appearance of the new world order (NWO) aka global government. The NWO plans are embodied in the UN Agenda 21 document. Specifics for NZ can be found at this link. (You can still view Barry’s videos today on Youtube although I see they have now been fact checked in the current age of censorship, and harder to find than they once were. There are some of his best at this page). These include the coming of the mark of the beast where none will be able to buy or sell without this special identification mark.  This is found in Revelation 13:16-18. He also traveled and shared his message world wide. Barry Smith’s ministry made a deep impression on me and the matters he shared I stored away for the next three decades while living life and raising a family. Then in 2004, life events placed me out of full time work, and in a position where I had time to read and research so I brought them out again. World events were beginning to transpire also that pointed to the imminence of much of what Barry said. During 2004 God opened my eyes to the scripture Isaiah 26:21, that God is coming back to bring judgment to all the earth.

See, I have warned you beforehand