Barry Smith

Barry Smith lecturing on the Biblical end times

The late Barry Smith was a NZ evangelist who appeared on the scene  during the 1970s, and who preached specifically on the end time events outlined in Matthew, Revelation and the book of Daniel.  As a young man he had given his life to Christ after losing a close friend in the 1953 Tangiwai train disaster in NZ.  During the ’70s God called him to leave his full time teaching job and preach. He did this and traveled the length and breadth of NZ in a caravan with his wife and four young children. He was an investigative journalist in his own right and researched both events and histories about which he wrote and shared extensively, in an era where there was no internet. This was no problem as he frequently cites incidents where he ‘happened’ to be seated next to somebody of international importance with key information … often on flights, or on roadsides assisting folk who’d broken down. He also collected newsclippings from all over the world, many whilst travelling and many sent to him by listeners.  In week long crusades he preached the Gospel of repentance and salvation as well as the Biblical prophetic events described particularly in the books of Daniel and Revelation. These include the coming of the mark of the beast where none will be able to buy or sell without this special identification mark.  This is found in  Revelation 13:16-18. He also traveled and shared world wide.

Barry uncovered the secret Luciferian plan to rule the world via a one world government and called the New World Order.  You can hear about this in greater detail in his videos HERE.

Here is a link to his family website where you can purchase his books, radio broadcasts, banners and bumper stickers and his messages now available on DVD:


Barry Smith End Times

See, I have warned you beforehand

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