Historical Overview

Few will argue, observing our world today, that things have radically changed and events are escalating … foretold long ago in the Bible. The earthquakes, famine, floods, wars. All are evident today as never before. Today of course (as at August 2020) we are seeing pestilences, man made pestilences, as the world races toward the one world government that those who seek to control the world are wanting.
(I urge you also to read the Agenda 21/30 pages here also, note there are sub pages referring to NZ also). This plan for world control emerges in the 1500s particularly with industrialization, slavery, usury (forbidden by God) and the whole banking system. Before expanding on that though, let me backtrack a little to how I personally was alerted to this scheme.

Hidden Histories

At the time I retired from a busy life in 2002, I had only recently studied various of NZ’s colonial histories while at art school, in particular that of Parihaka in NZ’s Taranaki. I began joining some dots as it were, about our actual histories given this particular story had not been told us at school. I then began to read the histories of other places, of Te Urewera and the Tuhoe  people, of the Waikato and the Tainui people, of Whanganui and my father’s people, and realized that the realities of those histories had been omitted from our mainstream records. In Whanganui for instance, certain flour was poisoned, that intended for non-sellers of their lands. This also happened in Australia. There were many brutalities globally under the banner of colonization. The various governments were both guilty of and complicit in crimes concerning theft of lands, murder and oppression. So began for me a weaving together of all those histories, the Gospel I’d come to know intimately for the previous two decades, and NZ’s place in world events … they all began to come together with this common thread, found also in all of the other colonized countries: oppression of indigenous peoples, the wholesale acquisition of their lands (in NZ’s case, illegal confiscation) and the pillage of their rich resources. (You can read about these on my other site, see the main menu also). What they taught us in school was something quite different. We were told that these were benevolent people who had only come to bring civilization and the Gospel. Of course, many individuals among them were benevolent and their intent was genuine, but benevolence was not the motivating factor for all.

Having studied these histories and world events for eighteen plus years  now there is one thing I’ve concluded:

We largely have two layers of history, something the majority of people are unaware of.

The first layer is what the media espouses, what we were taught at school. They’re the officially accepted stories. The other layer is underlying … covered over by the first layer. Like many things that are hidden it is so because the perpetrators of it wish it to be so … concealed from us for a reason. Which is why we have investigative journalism. There are those of us who desire to seek out the truth, who are not happy to settle for the status quo, who after sniffing out a lie will not rest until the truth is exposed. (Those who would conceal these truths refer to us as ‘conspiracy theorists’, a term invented by the CIA after they found people were not swallowing the official version of the JFK assassination).  I thank God for the likes of Nicky Hager, Ian Wishart, David Yallop, John Pilger, Jeffrey Smith and of course Barry Smith to name just a few. God is a God of truth and lying is one of the seven things he hates:

There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood,… (Proverbs 6:16,17)

The thing about the lying is, our society and our perceptions of it have been manipulated for hundreds of years now. So the hidden agenda going on … that of a one world government, now openly espoused by those who rule over us … is the same agenda that Barry Smith (and many others now) enlightened us on.

Returning to the history of that agenda, we had, and have capitalism, an economic system that ensures that not all can succeed … that divides and rules. Imposed on indigenous peoples by coercion, and under the guise of ‘civilization’, this is a system out of which have grown great injustices and theft of lands. The system that sought to monetize indigenous peoples & make them serve its purposes, did so by imposing taxes that were only payable in the colonizer’s currency which in turn could only be obtained by working for wages. This effectively destroyed their God given means of survival on the planet. It relegated them to the fluctuations and inequities of a fickle, capitalist market system. This poses questions about God’s standards regarding justice and the way we treat fellow human beings, standards that have been greatly compromised by the absence of ethics in the corporation, the strong arm of capitalism today. Corporations are laws unto themselves and ultimately bypass human considerations; their stated uppermost goal, indeed legal mandate, is maximization of profits for shareholders with no consideration for harm to people required at all. To gain the depth of this reach a must watch is The Corporation documentary (links above).

The acquisition of land is and always was a vital part of this monetary growth and control so all along its destructive path have been many crimes of spilled blood such as slavery, oppression, wars and murder. Particularly of concern are the Papal Bulls from the Catholic Church which ‘authorized’ seizure of lands to the total disregard of the original inhabitants. Why am I mentioning these historical crimes you may ask? It is because they are part of the overall plan. This same dispossession of indigenous peoples is now rolling out world wide on all peoples. See Agenda 21 and the land grabs that are happening … read Rosa Koire’s ‘Behind the Green Mask’. Rosa is also on Youtube. The late Russell Means very aptly said to us,‘welcome to the reservation’.

These crimes have not escaped God’s eye and he will repay. His delay illustrates not lack of concern as some would say, rather it is His great mercy that indicates He wants none to perish.

The evolution of the one-world government or the New World Order and all of its aims and agendas, are playing out in world events, in plain sight now. It’s tentacles have been slowly choking off all things contrary to its aims and it runs with a focused intent and purpose. We currently have all the horrors emerging that are spoken of in the book of Revelation – famines, wars, natural disasters, world surveillance, pestilences and its fast growing technology and increasing controls on all things everywhere.

The Plan

For our purposes, here is where the plan began. Cecil Rhodes dreamed of a one world government, and made plans in his lifetime for the effecting of that vision, leaving funds he’d amassed from stolen African diamonds to fund it in the form of the Rhodes scholarships.  And so it has evolved. Enlisted in his planning are the Rothschilds who began the banking industry that funded wars (both sides even they boasted) for massive amounts of interest. Today the same cartel is creating money from nothing via the Federal Reserve which is in fact a private corporation.

The whole diabolical Luciferian plan has tentacles in every part of the planet, infiltrating governments and influencing policy. The UN wrote a plan called Agenda 21, sold to the public as Sustainable Development (playing out in local councils), which is in reality a Trojan Horse device that hides a Fabian Socialist plan for world government and enslavement of all peoples. Part of this plan, and written in plain sight on the Georgia Guidestones is the intent to reduce the world’s population to a ‘manageable’ level. We are being told, particularly by Bill Gates, a known eugenicist, that  the planet is not large enough to sustain us all and some of us have to go. This information is incorrect of course and a man called Kevin Cahill has illustrated this. Cahill researched who owns every square inch of habitable land on the planet. There is enough land in fact for everybody to have five acres each to subsist on. Cahill traces world poverty to the simple fact of landlessness. The Agenda 21 plan will have all people living in what they call ‘smart cities’ in high rise apartments and riding bicycles. No cars. This allows for greater control. Surveillance is part of their control plan hence the increasing amounts of surveillance we are seeing nowadays. In NZ the PM has recently announced an increase in rural and urban street cameras to capture those would seek to escape the laws of testing/treating the coronavirus.

The plan includes not only a strategy for world domination and control, disguised as a benevolent one world government and known as a New World Order, but also a plan for depopulation which is hidden in plain sight on the Georgia Guidestones.

Christianity today

Looking back to the 1970s again, the church I attended hosted Barry Smith’s crusades and continued to openly teach of end time events. Things have changed now though.  Fast forward 40 years and I find this topic is seldom mentioned in Christian or Church circles or from the pulpit. From my own experience if I attempt to raise the topic, seen as negative I am quickly cut short. I would ask though, is it negative to warn your neighbour his house is burning? These events have continued to percolate behind the scenes however and haven’t gone away, only few are aware of what is really happening.  Which is why I set up the environmental site, to expose corruption and warn people so they can prepare …  we need to be ready. In brief we are being slowly poisoned by chemicals in and on our food & water, by electromagnetic frequencies the likes of 5G now, just being unleashed, by widespread pollution of our habitat, by fake and GM food, by geoengineering and by a medical model set up in replacement of natural plant based healing – for profit. To grasp an overview of all of that go here, and to learn of the matters and events of which you need to be aware in terms of your own health and safety literally. You’ll find little truth about them in the mainstream media. As a Uni student in the ’80s I clearly recall in their Social Sciences teachings that in the future, corporations would control governments. Difficult to imagine at the time, this has come true 100%. Witness the TPPA. Since Rogernomics neo-liberal policies in NZ we are corporately controlled, indeed our country (as are most others) is in actual fact a corporation. To get an overview of how corporations work watch The Corporation doco. Corporations harm us with impunity. Lying and deceit are not a problem, they are not legally required to consider the effects of their profiteering activities on either environments or people. Professionals have likened them to psychopathic personalities … they have all the traits. This is explained in the documentary. The tools in this New World Order tool box are very comprehensive. Because they control the banking system they create money out of nothing. Thin air currency.

Right now as I write we in NZ as with other nations have emerged from a level 4 national (and global) lock down, an event unheard of before in our history. We have been confined to our homes, allowed to go out for essential reasons only, whilst around us draconian and tyrannical laws are being pushed through Parliament with no consultation. A year ago we had a shooting in my country that was followed by law changes leading to gun confiscation. We were forbidden to discuss it. Now they are allowed to enter our homes without warrant & force medical procedures upon us. For further information on these scenarios find ‘coronavirus’ in ‘categories’ (left of page) at envirowatchrangitikei.

The people who seek to control the world intend to also control the food supply. Right now this is happening with impending food shortages, resulting from the shut down of the planet during the lock downs, destroying small businesses and food supply chains:

Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

They had made a good start at that already. US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations. Currently the so called covid-19 lockdown is setting food shortages in motion, including economic collapse. They intend that we are able to purchase food from supermarkets, and currently the repeated mantra is that we will only be able to function normally in society if we have taken the coronavirus vaccine Bill Gates intends for us … untested, rushed through and with what looks increasingly very dodgy.

For updates on the food supply a good YT channel is that of the Ice Age Farmer. For other general updates about the evolving plan two sites worth following are The Corbett Report and Spiro Skouras’s YT channel.

This race for global domination however will eventually be cut off without redress at God’s appointed time. By no means are these events spinning out of control. Satan has his appointed place from which he cannot escape and indeed God has His finger on the pulse and His clock ticks purposefully – He knows the exact time for retribution. Midnight is fast approaching and we need to be ready.

Get into the ark people!



See, I have warned you beforehand

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